About GRID

The Grassroots Innovation Database (GRID) has been developed through a partnership between the Honey Bee Network, GIAN (Grassroots Innovation Augmentation Network) and UNDP India and its Accelerator Lab. The objective of the database is to provide affordable and accessible innovative solutions from and for the grassroots. The database draws upon the 33 year long journey of the Honey Bee Network which scouts, documents, disseminates with or without value addition and also rewards such innovations.

The database intends to democratize the innovative solutions to various problems of inclusive growth, circular economy, sustainable natural resource management, livelihood generation and augmentation, waste management, etc.

It is possible that some of the innovations may not be directly applicable to the context in which you work. Please do reflect on the principle or heuristic underlying that solution which might have cross-regional or cross-domain applicability. If an idea in the database triggers experimentation by you, please send us the feedback and any possible derivative or independent innovation developed by you or your friends. We will greatly appreciate hearing about the lateral thinking triggered by any entry in the GRID leading to the development of even more cost-effective and inclusive solutions for disadvantaged people and places.

The Honey Bee Network, GIAN and UNDP Acceleration Lab India invite you to navigate and contribute to GRID and help us build an extensive network of Innovators from and for grassroots

Feedback may be sent to us at gian@gian.org & acceleratorlab.in@undp.org.