Technological Practices (1 to 30 of 857)

Ricron Panels Construction Panels Using Waste Multilayer Plastics

Circular Economy Gujarat

Surface Water Velocity Driven Hydrokinetic Turbine

Energy Delhi

Hypixi Hybrid Retrofit System For Vehicles

Energy Karnataka

Carbonlites: Bottled Bio Cng (By End To End Organic Waste Management)

Circular Economy Karnataka

Capturing Particulate Matter From Diesel Generators

Circular Economy Haryana

Biourja — Low Cost Dry Anaerobic Digester

Assistive technologies Karnataka

Flexmo Crutch

Assistive technologies Delhi

Rice Straw Into Biodegradable Cutlery

Livelihoods Delhi

Farm2energy Bridge Between The Biomass Users & Landowners

Assistive technologies Punjab

Ezio Sense Air Quality Monitor

Natural Resource Management Delhi

Grow Oyster Mushrooms At Home Using Agri Waste

Circular Economy Delhi

Old Plastic Into Anti Slippery & Recyclable Tiles

Circular Economy Karnataka

Portable Bio Gas Plants

Energy Kerala

Ubreathe Smart Bio Filter Flowerpot To Purify The Air

Natural Resource Management Haryana

Vardan World's Cheapest Complete Water Purifier

Livelihoods Gujarat

Wheat Biomass Straw And Bamboo Straw

Circular Economy Assam

Aditya Solar Powered Ferry

Energy Kerala

Coir Containers – An Alternative To Polythene Bags For Raising Seedlings

Natural Resource Management Kerala

Shelter Of Renewable Material/ Ready To Assemble Isolation Cabin

Assistive technology Rajasthan

Waterproof & Fireproof Paper Homes

Circular Economy Rajasthan

Bamboo For Broom Handles

Natural Resource Management Tripura

Leak Proof, Copper Lined Bamboo Bottles

Natural Resource Management Tripura

Kibo Xs Personalized Scanning And Reading Device Helps The Visually Impaired

Misc. Karnataka

Dh Samriddhi A Tool That Helps Farmers Place Fertilisers Deep Into The Soil

Livelihoods Delhi

Iot Smart Irrigation: Sensor ​Based ​Intelligent ​Crop Centric ​Automation (​Sicca)

Livelihoods Maharashtra

Dual Powered Defibrillator (Grid Electricity Based + Hand Cranked)

Assistive technologies Maharashtra

Drip Curing

Natural Resource Management Gujarat

Jia Pc, Skill Building

Misc. Jharkhand

Paper Pen / Pencil

Circular Economy Maharashtra

Green By Goonj Brand Of Recycled Products

Circular Economy Delhi