Technological Practices (91 to 120 of 857)

Jacquard Lifting Machine In Handlooms

Portable Operation Theatre

Assistive technology Maharashtra

Iron Coupling In Handloom Beams

Banana Fibre Products

CIrcular Economy Tamil Nadu

Rope Making Wheel And Rope Making Machine

Jugnu, A Solar Bagpack

CIrcular Economy Assam

Rope Twiner

Disposable Bedrolls From Leftover Ppe Cloth

CIrcular Economy Kerala

Rope Length Counting Machine

Eco Friendly Bricks From Used Masks And Ppe Kits

Assistive technology Gujarat

Brown Leaf' A Forum For Eco Friendly Management Of Dry Leaves

Power Weeder Cum Tiller

Livelihoods Tamil Nadu

Green Translucent Geopolymer Concrete

circular Economy Uttar Pradesh

Smart Protective Umbrella For Corona

Assistive technology Bihar

Social Distancing Motorbike

MIsc. Tripura

Zero Energy Terracotta Air Conditioner

MIsc. Delhi

Corn Roaster With An Electric Fan

MIsc. Karnataka

Wall Mounted Portable Pedal Operated Hand Sanitizer Unit

circular Economy Kerala

Combi Tillage Implement

Livelihoods Madhya Pradesh

Automatic Weft Winding Machine

MIsc. Odisha

Automatic Weft Winding Machine

MIsc. Odisha

Automated Arecanut Climbing And Harvesting Machine

MIsc. Kerala

Jk 1: Improved Variety Of Indian Bean(Dolichos Lablab)

Livelihoods Gujarat

Tha Animakhai Chabi Traditional Cauliflower Variety

Livelihoods Manipur

Sarita Seedless And Nanasaheb Purple Seedless: Improved Varieties Of Black Grapes

Livelihoods Maharashtra

Herbal Preparation For The Control Of Insect Pests In Crops

Natural Resource Management Himachal Pradesh

Herbal Preparation For Protecting Vegetables And Rice Against Insect Pests

Livelihoods Odisha

Improved Plant Varieties

Livelihoods Uttar Pradesh

Tractor Operated Paddy Transplanter

Assistive technology Haryana

Sandip Pyaz, Improved Onion Variety

Livelihoods Maharashtra