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the poor people will be able to afford this air conditioner, it also a natural purifier


Monish came up with the idea of using terracotta for creating a zero-energy, low-tech terracotta air conditioner. His design is based on the principle of evaporative cooling, an ancient technique that relies on water and porous materials like terracotta to lower the surrounding temperatures. When water seeps through the porous layers of terracotta, it evaporates at the outer surface, which cools the inner surface due to evaporative cooling. Terracotta made from clay was chosen due to its porous, malleable and robust nature. Inspired by the beehive structure, the terracotta air conditioner consists of numerous terracotta tubes that have been densely packed and arranged in a spherical form (concentric circles). The cooling system consists of inner and outer surfaces embedded on a metal framework. Water passes through the terracotta tubes, facilitating evaporative cooling. Air is cooled when it passes through the terracotta tubes and comes out and stays cool like water in an earthen pot. This installation also gives a beautiful cascade effect when drenched in water. The humid clay traps some heat the air and the surrounding air gets cooled down to around 6-10⁰ C due to the process of evaporative cooling. A certain kind of moss that grows on the pipes have the ability to capture the carbon particles present in the air thus acting as natural air purifiers. In addition to an attractive look, the terracotta air conditioner consumes very little energy and is much cheaper than the conventional air conditioners that most Indians can’t afford. Cool Ant requires to be filled with water once or twice a day and is capable of functioning with recycled water. Source: https://www.ecoideaz.com/innovative-green-ideas/beat-the-heat-with-low-tech-terracotta-air-conditioner

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Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Monish Siripurapu(Ant Studio)
Address: Farm 6A, Club Drive Road, Ghitorni Village, New Delhi - 110030
City: Delhi
State: Delhi
PIN Code 110030

Email: monish.siripurapu@gmail.com
Contact No: #<Spreadsheet::Formula:0x0000564170fdeb18>
Website: http://ant.studio/coolant

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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/132

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