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Making rope with waste Banana Fiber


He later fitted with motor through a belt and a switch operated by laborers anywhere they stand. This mechanization is a breakthrough and gave little relief. The switch for on and off is operated through strings connected directly to the switch board. However, this model can make a single rope only. Therefore, he contemplated to increase the number of ropes made per machine and developed 5 models. Out of these 2 models failed and during 2016 he made success in the new machine which can make 6 rolls at time instead of single. The capacity increased to 25,000-meter output with 6 women laborers per day compared to 2500 meters with 5 laborers using single wheeler model.

About the Innovator

Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Murugesan
Address: ROPE Production Centre, 3/43, Main Road, Mellakkal Village,
City: Madurai
State: Tamil Nadu
PIN Code 625234

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Link: Rice prepared in this way has lower starch content therefore good for diabetic people It easily drains the excess water from rice after cooking, thereby making the rice tastier and healthier. Double chambered product can cook ‘sambhar’ and rice simultaneously It saves time and cooking gas (LPG) It is cheap in comparison to other cooking vessels Handy & portable
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Problem Scale: LOCALLY MILD
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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/121

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