Technological Practices (211 to 240 of 857)

Phone Operated Switch

MIsc. Haryana

Tractor Driven Onion Trans Planter

Livelihoods Maharashtra

Automatic Fire Extinguisher

Namda Drier

Biomass Based Gasifier

Natural Resource Management Rajasthan

Overloading Detector In Vehicle

Assistive technology J&K

Generator Accessory For Cleaner Exhaust

MIsc. Bihar

Protection Helmet

Assistive technology Jammu & Kashmir

A Breathing Actuated System To Assist Physically Challenged

Assistive technology Odisha

Dual Security Alarm

MIsc. Assam

Earthen Kitchen Products

MIsc. Gujarat

Sac Filler.

Livelihoods Jammu & Kashmir

Automatic Saree Border Weft Insertion

Livelihoods Tamil Nadu

Road Accidents Prevention System

Multipurpose Twin Chambered Cooking Vessel And Others!

Livelihoods Tamil Nadu

Smart Dustbin

Fishnio: Automation System For Pisciculture

Self Dispensing Jug

Livelihoods West Bengal

Auto Stopper For Lpg Gas Stove

Livelihoods Karnataka

Tree Climber

Livelihoods Kerala

Modified Silencer And Air Intake System

Balwanpyaj Onion Variety

Livelihoods Haryana

Low Cost Paddy Thresher

Livelihoods Assam

Conversion Of Plain Power Looms Into Continuous Weft Feeding Looms

Energy Tamil Nadu

Portable Stove With High Efficiency

Livelihoods Kerala

Pepper Thicken An Improved High Yielding Variety Of Pepper

Livelihoods Kerala

Auto Compression Sprayer

Assistive technology Gujarat

Electric Painting Brush

Electro Tyre Rethreading Machine

CIrcular Economy Kerala

Solar Mosquito Destroyer

Assistive technology Kerala