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Problem Statement:

Pest infestation


The variety is an improved high yielding pepper variety with highly branched spikes resistant to quick wilt disease. Pepper Thekken is noted for its highly branched spikes, which result in high yield. Eight hundred to thousand berries can found in a single spike of this variety against 60 to 80 berries in locally popular variety. The berries are present on both main and branched spikes. Increased Lateral branches with more nodes and inter nodes, resistance to insects and diseases particularly quick wilt, thin epidermis, negligible air cavity etc are other distinguishing features of Thekken. The negligible air cavity leads to the enhanced dry weight. About 8600 kg dry pepper can be produced from one hectare. Since the pepper is produced in bunches, harvesting is also easy. Having bearing period of three years, the variety is found to be pest and disease resistant and tolerant to adverse climatic conditions.

About the Innovator

Knowledge Provider / Innovator: T.T. Thomas
Address: Idukki, Kerala
City: Idukki
State: Kerala
PIN Code 685602
Website: http://nif.org.in/innovation/Pepper_Thekken_an-improved_high_yielding_variety_of_Pepper/451

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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/264

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