Technological Practices (241 to 270 of 857)

Child Poet Innovates A Machine To Clean Rice Without Hassle

MIsc. Jharkhand

Kakching Mat Weaving Machine

MIsc. Manipur

Improved Iron Cutter

Pedal Operated Drilling Machine

Multipurpose Food Processing Machine

Livelihoods Haryana

Parboiled Paddy Spreader

Livelihoods West Bengal

Parboiled Paddy And Oil Seed Spreader

Sago Roasting Machine

Livelihoods Tamil Nadu

Multi Tree Climber

Raman Deep Eco Hamam

Natural Resource Management Himachal Pradesh

Stencil Cutting Device

MIsc. Gujarat


MIsc. Manipur

Composting Solutions For Decentralized Waste Management

CIrcular Economy Karnataka

Development Of A Centralised Property Identification Stack For India Aadhar For Properties

Holy Waste Floral Waste Management (Transforming Flowers, Transforming Lives)

CIrcular Economy Telangana

Mobile Septage Treatment Unit (Mtu)

CIrcular Economy Delhi

Zerodor Waterless Urinal

Energy Gujarat

Ti Centers Restroom With A Difference

Assistive technology Maharashtra

Rurban Platform: Government Led Actions For Transboundary Water Management

Energy Tamil Nadu

Pedal Operated/Manual Drilling Machine

MIsc. Assam

Double Boosting Pump For Preventing Manual Scavenging

Energy Karnataka

Pomegranate De Seeder,

Livelihoods Assam

Pounded Chilly Sorter

Livelihoods Arunachal Pradesh

Key With Light, Shaving Brush And Razor With Light

Energy Gujarat

A Farm Implement Without A Steering Wheel

Livelihoods Gujarat

Reversible Reduction Gear For Marine Diesel Engine And Z Drive Propeller

MIsc. Kerala

Trygo X,

MIsc. Assam

Pressure Cooker Coffee Maker

Livelihoods Bihar

Firewood Kitchen Equipments

Livelihoods Tamil Nadu

Automatic Watering System In Flower

Natural Resource Management Uttar Pradesh