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"The designed product can save over 1.5 Lakh liters of fresh water in one urinal pan in a year. The amount that is currently wasted in a single urinal for flushing can support the drinking water need of 14 falimies for over a year. By adopting Zerodor, the water foot print in the urban and peri urban areas can be reduced drastically in the longer run which in turn can greatly impact the life of the people who don't have access to fresh water. "


There is an acute shortage of water and a large percentage of the population does not have the access to water. To add to this problem, we waste a huge amount of water in our restrooms during flushing. A conventional urinal flushes approximately 3-4 ltrs which leads to a wastage of anything between 50K ltrs to 150K ltrs in a year. Zerodor is a Waterless Urinal Technology that works on the basic principle of physics (Specific Gravity Difference between Urine and Ammonia) and do not require any chemical or cartridge and so there is no recurring cost. These kits have a mechanical one way valve which allows the urine or liquid to flow into the drain line but does not allow the odor causing gases to come back into the restroom. This allows the urinals to operate without any flushing. Any existing conventional urinal can be fitted with Zerodor and thus can save anything between 50K to 150K liters of fresh water every year.

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Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Ekam Eco Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Address: A 401, Sangath Mall 1, Motera, Ahmedabad, Gujarat - 380005
City: Ahmedabad
State: Gujarat
PIN Code 380005

Email: uttam@ekameco.com / info@ekameco.com
Contact No: 9999807207 / 9816031603
Website: www.ekameco.com

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Link: "Existing solutions use chemicals and consumables and demands infrastructural changes inside the restroom. Zerodor has a frugally designed mechanical valve which can be retrofitted to existing urinal pans and does not have any consumable and thus no recurring cost. Some of the feature that Zerodor has: 1. Touch Free Operations 2. No consumable 3. No Chemical 4. No power required to operate 5. Saves over 1.5 Lakh liters of water 6. Saves equivalent amount of pumping cost 7. Reduces water load on STP results in lesser operational cost 8. Reduces cost of Autoflush systems & Flushing hardware 9. LEED Certification and Green Building Ratings 10. Ideal for Zero Liquid Discharge plans •Savings on plumbing maintenance 11. Helps in reducing CO2 from atmosphere 12. Controls odor and gives a fresh and hyginic environment 13. Long lasting mechanism (With proper care and maintenance, one installation can last for over 20 years) 14. Low maintenance 15. Reduces lime scale formation in the drain line "
Manufacturing Capacity: a) Turnkey solution, d) Licensing, e) Franchising, Adding an efficient chanel partner and distribution network and partnering with an existing sanitaryware player with strong presence
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Problem Scale: " Not just India, but, the whole world is facing one of its major and most serious water crisis. If we talk just about our own country, 54% India faces HIGH to Extremely high Water Stress. In addition, water scarcity in India is expected to worsen as the overall population is expected to increase to 1.6 billion by year 2050. According to the Composite Water Management Index (CWMI) report released by the Niti Aayog in 2018, 21 major cities (Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad and others) are racing to reach zero groundwater levels by 2020, affecting access for 100 million people. The CWMI report also states that by 2030, the country's water demand is projected to be twice the available supply, implying severe water scarcity for hundreds of millions of people and an eventual six per cent loss in the country's GDP. "

GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/287

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