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There is always the risk of fire breakage at various places. So far, fire disasters at variousfactories, industries, buildings etc. have caused great damage. Many people lose their lives, andmany suffer a huge loss to their property. The traditional method is to call the fire brigade andextinguish the fire by sprinkling water but it is a common experience that by the time fire brigades reach, there's already so much of damage caused by fire. Therefore we need a new solution to this problem which is effective and most importantly, needs no human involvement at all.


As the name suggests, this device can be used to extinguish fire automatically whenever itsenses smoke or excess of heat around. Fire disasters are very common and one of the most drastic ones which have caused loss of so many lives till now. In various public places like offices, restaurants, schools, hospitals etc. the prevention and security against the fire disasters is very important. Automatic fire extinguisher can be a great source of protection against such disasters. This device basically comprises of a carbon dioxide gas chamber, a heat and smoke sensor, and an Arduino. Carbon dioxide gas is used to extinguish the fire. We need to attach the smoke and heat sensors at the lid of that chamber and with proper programming via Arduino, the device can be trained to automatically open up the CO2 chamber whenever it detects the smoke or excess of heat(depending upon the limit set) around. This can be attached to the walls of any room or hall or any place where there is danger of fire breakage. The attachment can be made such that it can rotate around easily in the desired direction. Using this, we can get rid of fire automatically without any human involvement and thereby reduce the risk of loss of human lives.

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Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Moin Bashir Zargar/Mohd Sameer ul HaqMangnoo
Address: Chinar Gali, Kishtwar/Dool, Kishtwar
City: Jammu
State: Jammu & Kashmir
PIN Code 182204

Email: moinzargar2018@gmail.com/mohdsameerulhaq1357@gmail.com
Contact No: 6005812088/9622122216

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Link: Automatically detects fire via heat and smoke sensors Automatically extinguishes fire by leaking CO2 in the area. No human involvement is required.
Manufacturing Capacity: b) Design Support, d) Licensing
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Problem Scale: In India:Fire disasters can occur at any place. Moreover there's still not that much of technical advancement used in India so as to prevent the fire breakage at first place. This causes loss to many important lives. Therefore , there's a strong need for a solution to this problem. As saving even one life is analogous to saving whole mankind. In World: This problem is equally probable in the whole world therefore this solution can work throughout the world as well.
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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/240

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