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Sukomal thought about an apparatus having a container and a dispenser that pours liquid as soon as a glass is kept below the dispenser. The main container with four dispensers (on four sides) would be kept on a stainless steel base. Below each dispenser, on the platform, there would be four switches. These switches will be connected to a valve, which opens when the switch gets pressed due to the weight of the glass placed on it. As a result, the liquid from the main container will flow out through the dispenser into the glass. The liquid would only be dispensed till the time the glass is on the base. Initially, Sukomal sent only an illustrated idea to NIF but later made a model in paper and sent it across. Taking out time from his regular work, it took him four months to develop the model. NIF evaluated the feasibility as per the model’s description and through its Value Addition and R&D fund, supported him financially to develop a working prototype. Prior to the support, elaborate search was performed to ascertain the novelty of the idea. It was found though different dispensing mechanisms and jugs of different shapes and design existed but no such jug was available, which had multiple dispensers activated by mechanical switches. NIF also filed a patent in the name of Sukomal for this apparatus assembly. Sukomal did not have any formal training in fabrication. It took him time to understand the characteristics of different materials that he could possibly use to make the apparatus. Working slowly over another few months he was able to complete the prototype of the self dispensing jug apparatus made in tin using GI and aluminium pipes. Being an amateur attempt, the finish was not upto the mark. Also in execution two of the four dispensers failed as the joints were not properly done and the spring attachments were improper. However, with some design inputs, the overall look, feel and efficiency could be improved. NIF has engaged experts for working on the concept of Sukomal. This self dispensing jug apparatus can be used in restaurants, homes, public water/milk booths or even in ration shops or chemical industry to dispense liquids/chemicals.

About the Innovator

Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Sukomal Basak
Address: Cooch Behar, West Bengal
City: Cooch Behar
State: West Bengal
PIN Code 736165

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Link: Easy to use , Safe ,
Manufacturing Capacity: b) Design Support
Problem Scale: Mild

GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/256

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