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Improper disposal of waste is directly related to pollution and insanitary. there are numerous diseases born at the spot. The main problem is unwillingness of people to keep their society clean. And therefore, there's a need to find an alternate to encourage people or remind them somehow each time they throw the garbage around randomly.


The management of waste is very important for hygiene of any place. A huge amount of wasteis being produced each day all over the world. In our country alone, 62 million tonnes of waste isproduced each year. The increasing growth of waste is contaminating air, water and land as well.In order to prevent our environment, proper disposal and management of waste is indeed veryessential. The 1st step towards waste management is the proper disposal of waste. There are numberof dustbins located in various public places but unfortunately, people seldom use them. We can'tobviously expect the waste management throughout our country if each individual is not willing tobe responsible and productive. We want to encourage people to atleast make use of dustbinsand not throw the garbage randomly at any place. So, garbage finding dustbin is basically a binthatlocates garbage and if any person in its range throws garbage randomly on road, this bingives that person a quick reminder of instead using bin for that garbage. It is attached with acapacitive sensor, waste sensor and an Arduino . The capacitive sensor can be used for the detection of wasteespecially plastic ( being non-biodegradable, plastic waste poses most serious threat) . Withproper programming in Arduino, the bin sends a signal in form of light or sound whenever itdetects garbage around. This signal will basically act as a reminder to people for making use ofbin. Also, to make it portable, there should be small tyres attached at its bottom. This will enablepeople to move bins easily at the desired places. On the other hand,WASTE SENSORSwhich are to be attached at the top of garbage bin are actuallyused to detect the LEVEL OF WASTE IN BINS. With proper programming again, waste sensor islinked with the garbage collecting vehicles such that whenever the bin is about to get full withgarbage it sends signals to that vehicle so that it can come and get all the trash carried away. This way, if SMART GARBAGE FINDING BIN is used at various public places, like parks,footpaths, road sides etc, hopefully people could be encouraged upto a large extent towardsmaking use of bins for garbage and thereby keeping their city or locality clean.

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Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Moin Bashir Zargar/Mohd Sameer ul HaqMangnoo
Address: Chinar Gali, Kishtwar/Dool, Kishtwar
City: Jammu
State: Jammu & Kashmir
PIN Code 182204

Email: moinzargar2018@gmail.com/mohdsameerulhaq1357@gmail.com
Contact No: 6005812088/9622122216

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Link: Attached with capacitive sensor which gives signal whenever it detects a garbage around it. Attached with waste sensors to inform the municipality garbage carrying vehicles about the level of garbage in it. Gives quick reminder to people present around to not through garbage aroundrandomly, and instead use smart bin.
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Problem Scale: In India: India is a developing country there are lots of places still which are totally unclean and very polluted. There are garbage heaps present on the roadside areas of even our capital city, New Delhi. So, this problem is grave for India as well as all the countries which are still not developed. especially, for the country with population in billions, the production of waste keeps on increasing. hence, currently waste management is a very important problem to deal with. In World: Many of the countries of the world are also suffering through this problem of increasing pollution due to waste products throwed by people anywhere around randomly.
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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/253

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