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Over loading in busses


There are number of automobile accidents which take place every year and so many important lives are lost. This problem is generally seen in hilly areas like J&K, Himachal Pradesh etc. There are several reasons behind these accidents like bad condition of roads, carelessness of drivers etc. but the main problem seen in passenger carrying vehicles is OVERLOADING. Moreover it become a serious matter while the vehicles are running in mountainous road or hilly regions. So an effective control of overloading in vehicles is required in order to reduce the probability of accidents. This problem of overloading can be solved by making a use of our device ODV which can indeed help a lot in controlling overloading in vehicles by sending a signal to the traffic control every time number exceeds a particular limit. ODV is basically the combination of three devices namely IR SENSOR, GPS module and GSM module. IR SENSOR is actually an electric device that emits radiations or gives signal whenever it detects motion. Even it can be used to measure the number of movements or indirectly the number of people entering or leaving the place where it is fitted e.g. it is used as a digital counter in auditoriums to count the number of people entering it. On the other hand, GSM module is a device used to send information to requisite place while the GPS module is for the information regarding the location of automobile. The idea of our project is that this device can be fitted on the door of passenger carrying automobile like bus, minibus, cruisers, sumo etc. such that whenever any person enters the vehicle the sensor shows the corresponding reading. Eventually it can give the reading of total number of passengers which have entered that vehicle. Whenever the number of passengers in the reading of IR SENSOR gets more than the certain critical reading i..e. the number of passengers in that vehicle has reached more than its capacity or simply when the vehicle is overloaded with passengers it will start emitting signal beams in the form of infrared radiations. Now we also need a GSM module just in front of that IR SENSOR that is sensitive to the infrared radiations emitted by IR SENSOR such that whenever the IR SENSOR emits signal beams, it will automatically send the reading to the traffic control room with the location of vehicle as well with the help of GPS module. In this way, traffic police can check out that particular vehicle as to every vehicle there will be a particular sensor attached that can help traffic police to identify that overloaded vehicle very easily.

About the Innovator

Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Moin Bashir Zargar/Mohd Sameer ul Haq Mangnoo
Address: Chinar Gali, Kishtwar/Dool, Kishtwar
City: Jammu
State: J&K
PIN Code 182204

Email: moinzargar2018@gmail.com/mohdsameerulhaq1357@gmail.com
Contact No: 6005812088/9622122216

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Link: IR sensor with Arduino attached at door of vehicles to find number of people entering or leaving that particular vehicle. GSM module to send data to traffic control room. Sends complete information of the overloaded vehicle ( number of passengers, location etc. to traffic control room.
Manufacturing Capacity: b) Design Support, d) Licensing
Problem Scale: This problem is generally seen in hilly areas like J&K, Himachal Pradesh etc.
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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/243

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