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18. J&K and the nearby states are mostly dominant by hilly regions. The condition of roads is such that a small mistake or distraction by a driver could cost life of so many passengers traveling in that vehicle. So many people die every year in these areas due to accidents and the most common spot for those accidents is the "blind curve" area. With proper use of technology,we can prevent these accidents upto a large extent if we are successful in making the drivers more attentive and make the work easy for them.


The automobile accident is a very common problem suffered by people at present time. It's more common in hilly areas where number of people die every year due to road accidents.There are many reasons because of which these accidents take place like overloading of vehicles, bad condition of roads etc. One of the most common site of these automobile accidents in hilly areas is the blind curve. At these blind curves, it is commonly seen that thevehicles coming from opposite directions collide with one another and hence cause huge loss of many important lives. We have come up with a solution of this problem. Basically our idea is to attach motion and speed sensors to display screen which is to be installed at the spot of blind curve.Whenever a vehicle approaches from one end of blind curve, the motion sensor will detect it's motion and with proper programming via Arduino, it will show signal or a message on the display screen such that the vehicle coming from the other side will get to know about its arrival. This way if vehicles are coming from the opposite directions, both will get to know about each other's arrival towards that blind curve without any need of horn or any other signal. Moreover, with the help of speed sensor, the speeds of the automobiles approaching blind curve would also be visible on the screen. This can help drivers to be more cautious and careful while driving at blind curves. If this system is used properly at every roadside of a blind curve, accidents could be prevented up to a huge extent and therefore many important lives could be saved.

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Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Moin Bashir Zargar/Mohd Sameer ul HaqMangnoo
Address: Chinar Gali, Kishtwar/Dool, Kishtwar
City: Jammu
State: Jammu & Kashmir
PIN Code 182204

Email: moinzargar2018@gmail.com/mohdsameerulhaq1357@gmail.com
Contact No: 6005812088/9622122216

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Link: Detects the motion and speed of vehicles. Vehicles arriving in opposite direction at the blind curve spot will get the signal on the screen fitted at roadside about each other's arrival such that the automobile collisionaccidents could be prevented. Ensures the safety of passengers at blind curves.
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Problem Scale: In India, the problem is most common in hilly regions, like J&K, Himachal Pradesh etc. the local people traveling in passenger carrying vehicles are always under risk as accidents are so common in these areas that any accident can take place at any moment and anywhere. So, it's important that we find some alternate to this problem. In World, throughout the world, there are so many hilly regions and so many places where blind curves occur. This problem is common everywhere and hence the same solution could be used across the globe.
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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/251

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