Technological Practices (61 to 90 of 857)

Holywaste Floral Waste Management (Transforming Flowers, Transforming Lives)

Circular Economy Telangana

Sell Or Donate Scrap Online

Circular Economy Telangana

Code Effort Private Limited

CIrcular Economy Uttar Pradesh

Floating Islands

Assistive technology Madhya Pradesh

Including Men And Boys In Conversation: Sensitisation Workshops On Menstruation

Misc. Rajasthan

Loocafe India's First Free To Use Luxury Public Washroom

Assistive technology Telangana

Indoor & Outdoor Odourless Waterless Hygiene Urinal Systems

Assistive technology Telangana

Mask Er

Assistive technology Gujarat

Un Touch

Assistive technology Gujarat

Untouch Band

Assistive technology Karnataka

Shuddham, This Low Cost Water Filter Can Filter

CIrcular Economy Madhya Pradesh

Taraltech Water Purification

Natural Resource Management Maharashtra

Envigreen Edible Bags

Assistive technology Karnataka

Crop Defender

Livelihoods Himachal Pradesh

Carrot Washing Machine

Misc. Punjab

Tractor Mounted Rake For Paddy Straw Collection

Livelihoods Punjab

Self Designed Multiutility Tudi Making Machine From Paddy Residue

Livelihoods Punjab

Noor Waste Straw Reaper For Straw Management

Natural Resource Management Punjab

Tobacco To Improve Visibility Of Glass!

Unique Plantable Paper

CIrcular Economy Rajasthan

Innovative Cycle Pedal Paddy Thrasher

Livelihoods West Bengal

Par Boiled Paddy Distributor

Livelihoods Chhattisgarh

Single Finger Pen

Assistive technology West Bengal

Power Tiller Bund Forming

Assistive technology Tamilnadu

Smart Bangle For Women Safety

Assistive technology Telangana

Innovation In Operating Handlooms Using One Leg And One Hand

Assistive technology Tamil Nadu

A Device To Get Rid Of Blue Bulls

Livelihoods Rajasthan

Bullock Drawn Seated Plough

Livelihoods Tamil Nadu

Coconut Husker

Driverless Tractor

Livelihoods Rajasthan