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Single use plastics


"India has been moving away from plastics for many years and many cities have already issued plastic bag bans. While legislation like this helps to protect our environment and wildlife, a young entrepreneur, Ashwath Hegde, noticed that it was a hardship for many Indians. He eventually landed on a combination of natural starch (from potato and tapioca) and vegetable oils to make a bag that looks and feels just like plastic with none of the negative environmental impacts of a plastic vessel. EnviGreen‘s bags will naturally degrade in 180 days and if they are submerged in water they disappear in a day. Oh and also – these bags are edible. This means that when animals encounter non-degraded bags, they can eat them with no adverse effects".. Source: https://innovate.mygov.in/innovation/envigreen-edible-bags/

About the Innovator

Knowledge Provider / Innovator: EnviGreen Biotech India Pvt Ltd
Address: 1012/29, Prestige Meridian, 1, Mahatma Gandhi Rd,
City: Bengaluru
State: Karnataka
PIN Code 560001

Email: adarshtiwari9795@gmail.com
Contact No:
Website: http://envigreen.in/

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Manufacturing Capacity: b) Design Support, c) Sub-contracting, d) Licensing
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Problem Scale: 3) India 4) Around the world
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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/099

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