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Decreased Visibility of glass in Rains


It is a common practice for professional truck/bus drivers to rub tobacco in one or the other form over the windshield glass, particularly the cabin side of it for better visibility during rain. As soon as it starts to rain, the drivers are in habit of rubbing dried tobacco leaves, or chewing tobacco or that obtained by breaking up a cigar, over the windshield glass. Tobacco contains ingredients that repel moisture particles in the cabin air from condensing against the glass. Tobacco rubbing also tends to diminish the surface tension, and the moisture that does condense on the glass surface promptly slides down smoothly. Consequently the driver gets clear visibility through the windshield during wet and humid climates. Tobacco rubbing on the outer 538 surface of the glass also reduces the wear on the wiper blades and improves their life. (Honey Bee, 17(3):15, 2006).(A Sethna, 2/210, 1st floor, Nawabpet-524002 , Nellore

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Knowledge Provider / Innovator: A Sethna
Address: 2/210, 1st floor, Nawabpet-524002
City: Nawabpet
State: Tamil Nadu
PIN Code 524002

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Link: Precision control is achieved with a soft touch, four-way joystick linked to a robust electro-mechanical control logic kernel. The machine has overall size of 4x2x12 ft and weighs 75 kg. It is electrically operated using a 1 HP motor running on 230 V AC supply to drive a spindle at the range of 40 to 90 RPM. It has been built with dedicated and independent sub-systems including the two stage planer, the bamboo feeder assembly, the self adjusting gripper assembly and two sets of fixtures for inner and outer contouring (carving).
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Problem Scale: Wide
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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/105

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