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Floating Islands helps to restore waterbodies affecting the entire population living around it. Fis draw up nutrients, reduce algal blooms, reduce BOD, COD, Heavy Metals, etc and thus improve water quality. Fis provide habitat to life forms over and under water to restore the ecological cycle. FIs beautify the surroundings. FIs reduce greenhouse emissions and reduce evaporation. This results in reduced diseases, reduced deaths, increased happiness index and better quality of life.


Floating Islands are modular platforms which float on water and have plants planted on top of them. The roots of these wetland plants extend into the water. Friendly bacteria called biofilm come and attach to the plant roots and on the bio-media added underneath the Islands. Together the biofilm and plants draw up the nutrients from the water thereby cleaning it. These biofilms are eaten by microorganisms which are eaten by insects which are eaten by fish which are harvested out of the water by birds and humans. Thus, Floating Islands clean the water, and restore the ecological cycle while beautifying the surroundings at the same time.

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Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Priyanshu Kumath, Sustainable Water Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Address: E8 Ratlam Kothi, Behind Omni Palace Hotel, near Geeta Bhawan square, Indore, 45201
City: Indore
State: Madhya Pradesh
PIN Code 452001

Email: priyanshu@clean-water.co.in
Contact No: 9769302930 ; 7999454226 (country code +91)
Website: Product Website - www.floatingislands.in ; Company Website - www.clean-water.co.in

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Problem Scale: Water-Bodies across the country and the globe are in grave danger from pollution caused due to unplanned urbanization and population growth. Water-bodies are often encroached on all sides by humans thus leaving no space to implement a solution which requires space near them. Thus Floating Islands serve as an ideal solution countering multiple problems without using additional space near the water-bodies
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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/087

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