Technological Practices (31 to 60 of 857)

Crafts Of Coconut Shell

Livelihoods Goa

Brook & Bloom (Compost From Puja Flower)

Circular Economy Gujarat

Phool (Incense Stick From Puja Flower)

Natural Resource Management Uttar Pradesh

Toys From Waste To Teach ‘Ahimsa’ To Kids

Circular Economy India

Myco Capsules For Bio Remediation Of Waste Water

Natural Resource Management Delhi

Zno Nanowires Coated Smart Surface Mesh

Natural Resource Management Delhi

Water Activated Powerless Heating System

Assistive technology Haryana

Statometer A Digital Water Level Recorder (Dwlr)

Livelihoods Delhi

Ewa Plant Pots From E Waste

Circular Economy Karnataka

Waste Management: Solecraft Upcycling Old Jeans Into Bags, Footwear

Circular Economy Rajasthan

Peepal Composters And Biodigesters

Circular Economy Telangana

Metal Art Taking Trash, Making Treasure

Circular Economy Madhya Pradesh

Agnis Cooking Fuel From Agro Waste

Energy Odisha

Bio Bricks Instead Of Burning

Energy Odisha

Kelpcare Posture Corrector

Assistive technology Odisha

Strawcture Sustainable Homes From Agri Waste

Livelihoods Uttar Pradesh

Upcycling Waste: Newspapers Dolls

Circular Economy Maharashtra

News Papers Dolls

Circular Economy Tamil Nadu

Earth Tatva Recycles Ceramic Waste To Tableware

Circular Economy Gujarat

Rimagined Upcycling Waste Into Home Products

Livelihoods Karnataka

Upcycling, Livelihood: Silver Nut Tree Women Use Trash To Make Stunning Jewellery

Circular Economy Karnataka

Pappco Disposable Cutlery From Plants, Not Plastic

Natural Resource Management Maharashtra

Water Seal Viewless Micro Flushing Retrofit For Flush Toilet Systems

Natural Resource Management Tamil Nadu

Waste Management, Rejuwater® Solar Sewage Treatment Plant

Circular Economy Karnataka

Natural Resource Management: Rainmaxx Modular Rainwater Harvesting

Natural Resource Management Uttar Pradesh

Battery Operated Mechanized Sweeping Machine

Assistive technology Haryana

Jalodbust Sludge Handling System

Assistive technology Karnataka

One Home One Toilet A Data Driven Model Towards Household Toilet Facilitation To The Urban Poor

Assistive technology Maharashtra

Social Service Model For Operation And Maintenance Of Wash Infrastructure

Ecofriendly Sanitary Napkin Disposal & Recycling System

Circular Economy Maharashtra