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Problem Statement:

1. With Manual Sweeping Dirt keeps on flying from one place to other while machine sucks and dumps at designated places and suppress the fine particles with fine water mist 2. Manual Sweeping required a large team of Manpower. Mechanical Sweeping only 1 Operator and 1 Helper with 1 Machine. 3. Manual Sweeping - the People doing sweeping get affected with lot of ailments like back pain and lung infection, cough, TB etc. as the dust enters their lungs while breathing during sweeping. While Mechanical Sweeping ensures the dust is contained in the Hopper (Container) 4. Manual Sweeping Can't be done at night so it affects the Public as they keep on moving while the roads are swept. Mechanical Sweeping can be done during Night Hours, so the Public is not affected. 5. Manual Sweeping is Dangerous as the Vehicles keep on moving and sometimes the personals got hit while sweeping the Roads. Mechanical Sweeping can be done during Night Hours as the Vehicles are provided with all safety lights etc and no person is doing any work by hand on roads.


Electric road sweeper is a innovatively designed, round-the-clock outdoor sweeper. It can effectively enhance the pavement cleaning efficiency and meet the environmental requirements. It is suitable for factory for heavy dust or a large area cleaning work (such as road, square, mines, airport, City sanitation system, tourist places etc.)

About the Innovator

Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Vijay Kumar Dhawan, Jetbroom Waste Solutions Pvt Ltd.
Address: C-120, Dayalbagh
City: Faridabad
State: Haryana
PIN Code 121009

Email: jetbroomwspl@gmail.com
Contact No: #<Spreadsheet::Formula:0x000056417129d048>
Website: https://jetbroomwspl.business.site

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Link: can be managed by cooperative of sanitation workers as a part of inclusive growth
Problem Scale: most cities

GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/076

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