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Problem Statement:

Inclusive growth, empowering sanitation workers to own this machine: "Manual Scavenging has to be eliminated but sanitation work had to continue. Sanitation workers have to have safer and respectful way of doing this essential work. The awareness regarding pathological contamination persisting in faecal sludge even up to 6 months and Covid threat due to exposure to septage is real. Dewatering equipment and vacuum tankers used for handling septage are inadequate because they don’t have means for agitating the settled sludge. Over time, the faecal sludge settles, collects and densifies needing human intervention for removal. The narrow lanes and remote locations depend more on human handling of septage due to accessibility and financial viability handicap in using tankers and mounted dewatering equipment. The growing awareness of the sanitation worker and continuous efforts of the Government to provide alternative occupations to the Manual Scavengers will bring in an impending shortage of faecal sludge workers sooner than later".


JALODBUST is an engineering solution to eradicate Manual Scavenging by making this task smell, sight and splash free for the worker. It will convert sanitation task into a safe, dignified and empowering work by making it into a well-paying livelihood. JALODBUST works on the settled and densified faecal sludge sitting inside the septic tanks, leach pits and manholes without interaction of man. With a simple system of shockwave transmission through water column and combined hydraulic and mechanical action, the sludge gets pulverized and broken up and then sucked out of the containment structure. This sludge will then be transported to the disposal point i.e cooling trench or a faecal sludge and septage treatment plant. JALODBUST is compact, lightweight, safe and powerful enough so that it can reach every nook and corner, is safe and has power enough to pump the sludge up and away and help the sanitation worker to remain isolated from the septage.

About the Innovator

Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Rakesh Kasba
Address: #403, Block D-2; L&T South City Apartments, Arekere Mico Layout; Off Bannerghatta Road
City: Bengaluru
State: Karnataka
PIN Code 560076

Email: rakesh@jalodbust.com; rakeshkasba@gmail.com
Contact No: 91-9480094320; 91-8778860671
Website: https://jalodbust.com

Practice Details

Link: The stove was designed in accordance to the traditional food preference of Manipur, Nagaland etc. where people dry various items like fish, meat, certain vegetables etc. over the hearth.
Manufacturing Capacity: The Production design is being completed; we can limit own work to assembly and servicing where as production can be ramped up by involving vendors for manufacture of components.
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Problem Scale: We occassionally see news of death of sanitation workers caused due to inhalation of toxic gases inside the septic tanks and manholes. We do not pay much attention to the already identified reduced life expectancy of such workers remaining exposed to pathogens. The biggest problem is the social ostaracization which prevents their asimilation, education, better incomes, heath care and empowerment. While the entire human race is being served by this small community of sanitation workers, contributing to their plight, morally every human being needs to take responsibility of ridding this community of the work which he/ she is not willing to do himself.
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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/078

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