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Artistic Expression to News Paper Waste


Nashik’s Meena Patankar aims to do is break into a routine cycle and give newspapers a life of their own, after being discarded. The 58-year old has a creative solution – paper dolls to prevent adding more burden on the existing pile of garbage. Meena’s craft journey started when she was scrolling through social media trying to find something new to do, during which she came across a video on how to make a vase using paper waste. After watching a couple of videos online and some trials, Mrs Patankar was successful in mastering the art of using discarded newspaper into beautiful vases and then she used the same technique to start making dolls. What started as a means to productively use idle time soon turned into first a hobby and then a fight against and paper waste. From dolls, small jewellery boxes, lampshade to hat, tea coasters, purses, trays, today Mrs Patankar makes almost everything from newspapers and has also began selling her products locally.

About the Innovator

Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Meena Patankar
City: Nashik
State: Maharashtra
PIN Code 422001

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Link: Manual and automatic machines for processing of the Biba fruit Able to process 150 fruits in an hour using this manual machine This machine running on a single phase motor can shell about 400 Biba fruits in an hour.
Manufacturing Capacity: training
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Problem Scale: India
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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/061

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