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"Plastic can be recycled many times. Even though it takes millions of years for plastic to decompose, it does decompose (not to forget bioplastics); while ceramic remains for even longer time or perhaps forever. That’s what archaeology has shown us. Though ceramic does not affect ecology adversely, it just lies there like a dead weight, unutilised. It has not been recycled, only dumped from one place to another".


The team of Earth Tatva works to reduce mining for natural resources by up to 60% by recycling post-industrial fired ceramic waste into a useable ceramic material. The principle of the startup and its archaeology considers that ceramics do not biodegrade for centuries. The team of Earth Tatva aspires to achieve zero-waste manufacturing, adhering to the principles of the circular economy. Essentially, doing more and better with less. To achieve this, they procure post-industrial fired ceramic waste and use it with some pure clay that acts as a natural binder. In general terms, the team works with mono-material, which one can use for many production cycles without downgrading its quality. On the contrary, it keeps getting better. Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute test their materials. These materials are 35% stronger as per the reports. The team of Earth Tatva has aesthetics at par with traditional ceramic wares. Earth Tatva can develop any product from the waste material. The team believes that there are nearly no restrictions on what form and scale they can mould their material. They have started with making recycled ceramic tableware as it is the only ceramic product users choose to buy for themselves. These products have close interaction with the user, and they act as talk triggers while hosting guests. These are 100% food-safe, as the team does not use any heavy metals for their glazes.

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Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Shashank Nimkar
Address: National Institute of Design, Opposite Tagore Hall, Rajnagar Society, Paldi, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380007
City: Ahmedabad
State: Gujarat
PIN Code 380007

Email: nimkarshashank@yahoo.in
Contact No:
Website: https://www.earthtatva.com/

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Link: Can assess the availability of water in borewell which helps farmer make informed decision about installing motor pumps Also used to ascertain the depth, inflow and outflow of water, kind of water source and the borewell formation
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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/063

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