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Annually 12 bn used sanitary napkins get generated in India from which 98% goes to water-bodies & Landfills. It takes 800 years to decompose single sanitary napkins, 60% Indian women face UTI and 23% rural students drop out from school every year due to unavailability of disposal at washroom. Current practices lead to harmful environmental consequences & also entail long term economic burden. Currently, only scientific method to dispose of the soiled sanitary waste is incineration which is expensive to build, operate, and maintain. The high costs associated with this method of waste disposal may encourage waste generators to seek other alternatives like land-filling, dumping for dealing with their waste. Service provider for BMW collections ae available but missing front end hygiene and back end disposal


PadCare Labs has developed worlds 1st smokeless sanitary napkin disposal & recycling solution to solve unhygienic, pollution causing & silent issue of sanitary napkin disposal at source. PadCare Labs has developed patent pending innovation called saneco which works on principle of chemo-mechanical method. Saneco is centralized processing unit can handle 1000 pads in a day and provides 5D's- 5D's are Disinfection, Deodorization, Decolorization, Disintegration & Deactivation of Super absorbent polymer. The process includes organic consumable called cytoslay - which provides Disinfection, Deodorization & Decolorization properties instantly. CytoSlay provides up to 6 log bacterial reduction and tested as per WHO standard. From Saneco, segregated, sterilized cellulose-plastic comes as output. Interestingly it can be recycled for different application including packaging material, plastic bricks & RDF pallets.

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Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Ajinkya Dhariya - PadCare Labs
Address: 100 NCL Innovation Park, Pune 41108
City: Pune
State: Maharashtra
PIN Code 411008

Email: ajinkya.dhariya@padcarelabs.com
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Website: https://padcarelabs.com/

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Problem Scale: waste management: "The disposal of sanitary napkins & diapers is nightmare as there is no technology provides sustainable solution. The burning of absorbent product generates deadly gases & smell. In India only 33% women used absorbent product and we are generating 12 billion pads, Imagine if every one shifted toward sanitary napkins ? The females are in search of at source clean, hygienic & instant disposal facility while maintaining their privacy".
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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/081

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