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On an average, India generates 500 million tons of crop residue in a year. A large portion of this remains on the farm and the helpless farmer has no choice but to burn away the residue to prepare for the next harvest. This results in the emission of various greenhouse and other gases. Every year, most of North India succumbs to the reality and consequences of this stubble burning.


"AGRI-FIBER PANEL: As an eco-friendly substitute to the brick-mortar approach, Strawcture uses agri-fiber panels as the building block for structures. Panels are made by compressing the potentially hazardous agri-residue, which works in conjunction with a steel framework to give birth to structures that epitomize sustainability. A sustainable alternative to concrete walls and ceilings, the fibre panels are made from agricultural waste. The panels are combined with steel, to provide wall and ceiling systems for both permanent and temporary housing. Every 10×4 feet panel uses around 100 kilos of straw and in a 100 square feet house, around 15,000 kilos of waste is repurposed. The straw core of the Strawcture board is encased in three layers of recycled paper. After a Strawcture board is installed into a structure, the surface is penetrated, and a final finish is applied that prevents rodents from entering the house. Strawcture is one of the ten companies approved by the Government of India for LGFS (Light Gauge Steel Frame) technology-based construction. This technology is also approved by the Building Materials & Technology Promotion Council (BMTPC), Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India".

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Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Shriti Pandey
Address: K1-117, First Floor, CR Park- New Delhi -110019
City: Ghaziabad
State: Uttar Pradesh
PIN Code 201001

Email: Shriti_pandey@strawcture.com
Contact No: 76077 76756
Website: https://www.strawcture.com/

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Link: Maintains uniform distance between buds, equal depth of buds Inter-cropping can be done using this machine and between the two buds; grams, wheat, peanuts and pulses can be planted Machine has arrangement to drop uniform amount of manure near each bud while sowing Machine can also be equipped with sprayer pump to spray weedicides & pesticides to prevent weeds & pest in the crop Machine can also be used for planting potatoes
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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/060

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