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He has taught a lot of young people his craft and helped them show case these in various exhibitions. He has generated a lot of Livelihoods and can generate many more in future.


The coconut master craftsman, Vijayadutta Lotlikar lives in Parra, Goa. He has been working with these coconut shells for about 25 years and has won many prizes and awards for his works on coconut shells. He has made more than 500designs in which 90percent of them are utility ones. The products are cutlery items, decorative ones, oil lamps, table items, spoons coffee/tea pots, cups and more that are all durable. Earlier there was an issue where the coconut product partitioned from the base with conduct of oil but later after a lot of research work the craftsman has come up with a solution, the products don’t part with conduct of ghee, oil or soup items and it still remains with the base which wasn’t the same earlier. There is durability than before from new techniques discovered. Demand for the product has increased after the research work and tests. With lot of experience and learning from exhibitions he has improvised the products in quality and quantity. Not in a bulk production but small scale wise this man runs the craft and is very well known. The machines are simple and innovated by the craftsman itself. Anyone can work for a longer time without getting exhausted with these machines. He has got his book “coconut” the art of coconut craft published that compiles everything about coconut shells and tips while working with coconuts.

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Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Vijaydatta Lotlikar
City: Parra
State: Goa
PIN Code 403510

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