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Problem Statement:

India’s death rate due to sudden cardiac arrest is about 660,000 annually, which is 3-4 times higher than that of developed countries. The availability of defibrillators is as low as 1 per 50 ICU beds, as compared to the United Kingdom where it is mandatory to have 1 defibrillator per 3 ICU beds. These available defibrillators consume electricity and they come at a high cost. Also, 99% of the Indian ambulances are not equipped with defibrillators. In rural areas where supply of electricity is inconsistent, defibrillators are very difficult to use.


Jeevtronics has developed the world’s first hand-cranked defibrillator that works even in areas without reliable electricity and costs about 1/4th of the existing devices. The main aim of Jeevtronics is to meet the global benchmark ratio of defibrillators to hospital beds and in the long run, to curb the death rate due to sudden heart attack. Since it costs 1/4th of the existing market products, this device can prove to be very helpful especially in developing countries. At present, a fully functional and well-tested prototype has been developed. This device will be commercially launched in January 2018. It is critical to get access to all countries, disaster relief agencies, and investors etc. to maximize its social impact.

About the Innovator

Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Jeevtronics
Address: Shahu Colony, Lane Number 2, S No. 10 Hingane Hissa, 3 Karvenagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411052
City: Pune
State: Maharashtra
PIN Code 411052

Email: gawade.ashish@gmail.com
Contact No: 9850819688.0
Website: http://www.jeevtronics.com/

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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/040

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