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biogas energy: Waste management is an issue that needs to be addressed in India. When not managed, it not only pollutes our surroundings but also causes health hazards and exhausts landfills. So the idea is to help people manage organic waste at its source⁠ - in their households.


Hi-Tech Biogas Team is a firm dealing in the processes of manufacturing and distribution of portable Biogas Plants which can be used in residential flats, bungalows, offices, hospitals, and many other places where wastage of wet nature is produced. They have started this project with plastic/PVC tanks and then by sintex tanks. Because of non-satisfactory results we converted this into fiberglass reinforced material. By this and with constant innovation they achieved 100% pollution free, hygienic and eco-friendly product. A valve-controlled slurry disposal system ensures the hygienic surroundings from mosquitoes and other type of pests. It is a multistage Biodigester having two parts. The bottom one is the digestor which collects and stores the waste. The top is the slurry jacket that stores the gas produced. In this product, the slurry is controlled by a valve that can open and take out the slurry. In all floating model, there is no controlling system. The slurry is dripped drop by drop throughout the day and mosquitoes and pests usually make a mess and a foul smell is emitted throughout. As we can control the slurry in this system no such nonsense can take place. So this is 100% pollution, foul smell free and can be kept inside the living premises.

About the Innovator

Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Rajagopalan Nair
Address: Hi Tech Bio, VIII 306A, P.O Varavoor, Talappilly, Trissur Dist, Kerela,India.
City: Talappilly
State: Kerala
PIN Code 680585

Email: hitechbio2008@gmail.com
Contact No: 9946164175.0
Website: https://www.hitechbio.co.in/

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Link: • Uneducated person can also handle our device easily and monitor the health of animal. • Is low cost and affordable compared to other available devices. • Is user-friendly. • Gives instant response. • One device can be used for monitoring many animals.
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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/025

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