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Air Pollution: Rapid industrialisation has polluted three essentials that are absolutely necessary for us to survive — the food we consume, fresh water, and the air around us. Air pollution is one of the most leading causes of many diseases and premature deaths in the country. Shockingly, indoor air pollution is also significant. But there are very few real solutions for the air we breathe. Even the ones that do exist are usually expensive or slow.


Urban Air Labs, Delhi invented a smart bio-filter flowerpot “Ubreathe” to purify the air. It amplifies the natural properties of the plants to eliminate toxic agents through the roots. Since a single plant cannot filter all the harmful pollutants, it has multiple plants. It combines air-purifying plants with technology to amplify the output of purified air. It consists of plants, a smart flowerpot, and microbe-enriched soil. The flowerpot needs electric power to work and has an axial fan inside it. When plant absorbs the surrounding air, it is filtered by the bio-filtration method at the roots. The axial fan creates a suction pressure inside the flowerpot and releases clean air. Thus, Ubreathe unit discharges purified air through an outlet. The microbe-enriched soil helps faster air purification and more efficient break down of the pollutants. One unit is sufficient to purify air within 15 mins in a 200 sq ft room. The 150 ml built-in water reservoir is sufficient for one month. So need to water the plants regularly.

About the Innovator

Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Sanjay Maurya
Address: URBAN AIR LABS, ​ B-192, Sushant Lok- 1 Gurgaon 122009 Haryana, INDIA
City: Gurgaon
State: Haryana
PIN Code 122009

Email: sanjay@urbanairlabs.com
Contact No: 97179 57023
Website: https://www.ubreathe.in/

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Link: • Provides complete Hygiene and Safety. • Zero contact with Waste. • Hand driven compact. • Low cost • No Power Source needed. • Easy accessibility to narrow places (can help in rural areas). • Large waste storage. • Easy dumping of waste • Robust design • Least maintenance • Portable
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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/026

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