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disability: Usually, the (crutch) tips available in the market are almost rigid and prone to slippage. Flexmo draws inspiration from the human foot. When taking a step, the heel part grips the surface and absorbs the shock. The toe part gives you extra grip while you are in the air and gives you a soft landing. This heel-toe combination gives rise to ultra-stability and zero-slippage for a user. Regular crutches simply do not have the ability to tackle all Indian terrains. That is why most people move on to walkers and wheelchairs. And if it is a polio-stricken person, regular crutches can make the other leg weaker as it ends up taking a lot of pressure.


Flexmo was founded at IIT Delhi with an aim to change the way mobility aids are perceived while simultaneously improving the ‘Quality of life’ of our customers through well-designed products and delivery mechanisms. Flexmo is an assistive technology product design and manufacturing company focusing on solutions for the elderly and people suffering from a locomotor disability. The product - Flexmo crutch - is a one-of-a-kind crutch that can be used on all terrains, including snow and wet surfaces. The foot-like design of the crutches ensures they can be used without the fear of slipping and falling on any kind of surface.

About the Innovator

Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Flexmotiv Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Address: Synergy Building , Module 4 TBIU, 2nd Floor, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Hous Khas, 110016
City: Delhi
State: Delhi
PIN Code 110016

Email: hello@goflexmo.com
Contact No: 88008 84092
Website: https://www.goflexmo.com

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Link: – Detect obstacles present ahead of the visually challenged people, – Give an alert in the form of vibration. – The nearer the user comes to the obstruction, the stronger the vibration gets. – These goggles are complementing to the blind man sticks and are not designed to replace them.
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Problem Scale: Global problem for mobility by specially abled people
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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/016

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