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Use leaves of sun hemp (Crotalaria juncea) and toothbrush tree (Salvadora persica) are added in the soil before planting of onion and garlic crops. For this practice approximate, two tractor load of sun hemp and toothbrush leaves are enough for one acre land. This practice increases crops yield. This practice is learnt from forefathers.

About the Innovator

Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Dadubha Takhatsang Solanki
Agro-Ecological Zone: Agro Ecological Sub Region (ICAR) Western plain, kachchh and part of kathiawar peninsula, hot arid eco-region (2.3)Agro-Climatic Region (Planning Commission) Coastal Plains and Hills (XIII)Agro Climatic Zone (NARP) Bhal and Coastal area (GJ-8) 14.26%North Gujarat ( GJ-4) 19.87%North west zone (GJ-5) 36.38North Saurashtra (GJ-6) 29.49
Address: Ughroj, Mandal
District: Ahmedabad
State: Gujarat
PIN Code 382120

Practice Details

Crop: Onion, garlic
Crop Scientific Name: (Allium cepa) , (Allium sativum)
Crop Vernacular Name: Onion, kanda, piyaz, Garlic, Lashun
Formulation: leaves of sun hemp (Crotalaria juncea) and toothbrush tree (Salvadora persica fed to soil
Ingredients: Leaves of sun hemp (Crotalaria juncea),toothbrush tree (Salvadora persica)

PAS 1:

"Crotalaria juncea is a viable alternative method to reduce nitrate pollution in ground water and obtain more or less sameyield as inorganic fertilizer along.Crotalaria juncea is notsuitable for water logging field. Influence of Sesbania Rostrata on Soil Properties andYield of Onion."
http://www.ijsrp.org/research-paper-0914/ijsrp-p3306.pdf )

PAS 2:

"Sunn hemp (Crotalaria juncea) tobacco, onion, tomato (Green
manures: Nature’s gift to improve soil fertility."

PAS 3:

"Sunnhemp (Crotalaria juncea) Quick growing green manure -cum-fibre crop"

PAS 4:

Add well rotten FYM @ 10 t/acre or vermi compost @ 4 t/acre. Incorporate FYM at the time of field preparation at 2 to 3 weeks before transplanting. Vermicompost should be incorporated one week before transplanting.
Onion: Crop Stage-wise IPM."

PAS 5:

"Add aged manure or compost to the soil in early spring, before planting. Onion plants are heavy feeders and need constant nourishment to produce big bulbs. Growing Onions"

GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/356 - Practice ID: DTP0010000000215

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