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First, Nanjibhai Bhani makes small pieces of stalks of crown flower (Calotropis gigantea) weighing 600 g and soaks these in 10 l of water for 10 to 15 days. After a fortnight, this water is sprayed on the affected chilli (Capsicum annuum) plants. The treatment controls as much as 80 % of white ant infestation and saves the crop by that much. Nanajibhai learnt this technique from a fellow-farmer.

About the Innovator

Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Nanjibhai Kanjibhai Dhani
Agro-Ecological Zone: Agro Ecological Sub Region (ICAR) Central Highlands (Malwa), Gujarat Plain And Kathiawar Peninsula, Semi-Arid Eco Region (5.3) Agro-Climatic Zone (Planning Commission) Gujrat Plains And Hills Region (XIII) Agro Climatic Zone (NARP) North Saurashtra (GJ-6) South Saurashtra (GJ-7)
Address: Khijjadiya
District: Amreli
State: Gujarat
PIN Code 365440

Practice Details

Crop: Chilli
Crop Family: Solanaceae
Crop Scientific Name: (Capsicum annuum)
Crop Vernacular Name: Chili, Chilli Mirchi
Formulation: Small pieces of stalks of crown flower (Calotropis gigantea) weighing 600 gm and soaks these in 10 L of water for 10 to 15 days
Ingredients: Stalks of crown flower (Calotropis gigantea), red pepper (Capsicum annuum), chilli, water

PAS 1:

"Anti-termitic Activity of Aqueous Extracts from Saharan Toxic Plants Against (Anacanthotermes ochraceus). All the crude extracts showed significant anti-termitic activity in a different doses and the mortality, among various aqueous extracts were statistically different (p<0.05). The highest termite mortality (50%) was found in leaves extract of (Calotropis procera)."

PAS 2:

"The Effect of Chili Pepper (Capsicum Annum) As Feasible Pesticides For Crop Production According to Romano (nd) chili is sharply flavored fruit of a pepper plant that can be experimented as pesticides. Insecticidal chili pepper (capsicum annum) has a potential to diminish the number of termites that destroys furniture or anything made of wood and also other insects pests."

PAS 3:

"Capsicum based pesticide and method of use The novel pesticide and method of use of the present invention is highly effective against termites in dry areas, wet area"

PAS 4:

"Effects of plant latex based anti-termite formulations on Indian white termite Odontotermes obesus (
Isoptera: Odontotermitidae) in sub-tropical high infestation areas Calotropis procera latex based formulations can be recommended for effective control of termites in high infestation areas"

GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/378 - Practice ID: DTP0010000000280

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