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For the control of hairy caterpillars in any crop, the leaves of crown flower are placed on the plants infested by the pest. This gives good results. According to a modified method, the leaves of crown flower are boiled in water. This boiled water is then sprayed on the crops. This prevents hairy caterpillars from harming the crops and controls infestation of termite and white grub insects as well. The effect of the herbal cure is immediate.

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Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Ranchodbhai Rayabhai Abhoat
Address: Biliwada, Talaja
District: Bhavnagar
State: Gujarat
PIN Code 364140

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Crop: Crown flower
Crop Family: Poaceae
Crop Scientific Name: (Calotropis gigantea)
Crop Vernacular Name: English: Giant Calotrope, Giant Milkweed, Gigantic Swallow-wort; Hindi: Akda, Safed aak; Kannada: Yekke gida, Ekke gida; Manipuri: Angkot
Formulation: The leave extract of crown flower and flowers are sprayed on the infected crop.
Ingredients: Crown flower

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Jawale, Chetan & chaitanya, Joshi. (2010). Giant weed (Calotropis spp.) an economical and eco-friendly method of pest management in organic farms.

GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/434 - Practice ID: DTP0010000001506

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