About the Practice

Spread the leaves of piludi or Tooth Brush tree (Salvadora persica) at the bottom of a closely knit bamboo basket and fill it with the paddy seeds. Then pour about 10-12 L of water slowly over the basket. Cover it with the leaves of the same tree and put weights on the basket to keep the seeds pressed. If felt necessary, sprinkle a little water over the basket a couple of times. Keep the basket undisturbed for about 24 hours after which sow the seeds in the nursery immediately. Sometimes, the leaves of Aval or Tanner's cassia (Cassia auriculata) tree are used instead of the leaves of Tooth Brush tree.

About the Innovator

Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Shankardan Prabhudan Gadhvi
Agro-Ecological Zone: Middle Gujarat Agro Climatic zone(GJ-3), North Gujarat Zone GJ-4
Address: Kheda Gujarat
District: Kheda
State: Gujarat
PIN Code 387411

Practice Details

Formulation: Leaves of piludi or Tooth Brush tree (Salvadora persica) and water
Ingredients: The leaves of piludi or Tooth Brush tree (Salvadora persica) a closely knit bamboo basket, water, weights and the leaves of aval or Tanner's cassia (Cassia auriculata) tree.

PAS 1:

"They need to be explored thoroughly for their diverse usage not only as a medicinal uses but also for other uses like a source for bio-fertilizers, soil mulch etc. They may also serve as potential viable component in IPM strategies [P. Saritha* and Dr. U. Anitha Devi , MEDICINAL PROPERTIES OF TELANGASTATE FLOWER TANGEDU (CASSIA AURICULATA LINN), World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research SJIF Impact Factor 7.523 Volume 6, Issue 8, 1597-1605. Research Article ISSN 2277– 7105 ]"

GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/515 - Practice ID: KNW0010000000988

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