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R Sundara Raman mixes 5 kg of powdered tobacco leaves with 10 L of cow urine and 5 L of water. This is allowed to ferment for 3-5 days. Then it is filtered and mixed with 80 L of water and sprayed to control all sucking pests.

About the Innovator

Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Sundara Raman
Agro-Ecological Zone: North-Western Zone (TN-2), Western Zone (TN-3)
Address: Satyamangalam Erode Tamil Nadu
District: Erode
State: Tamil Nadu
PIN Code 638401

Practice Details

Formulation: 5 kg of powdered tobacco leaves with 10 L of cow urine and 5 L of water.
Ingredients: Powdered Tobacco leaves, cow urine and water.

PAS 1:

"A team led by chemical engineer Cedric Briens heated finely ground tobacco leaves to 500°C in a vacuum, a process called pyrolysis, then collected the condensate. Since publishing the paper, the team has found they can use the entire plant—leaves and stalks—which makes it easier and cheaper to harvest the tobacco. The bio-oil was tested against the Colorado potato beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata), 11 fungi, and 4 bacteria, all of which are agricultural pests. The bio-oil blocked the growth of the bacteria (Streptomyces scabies) and )(Clavibacter michiganensis) and the fungus (Pythium ultimum), (S. scabies) causes a common potato scab disease that makes potatoes unmarketable, (C. michiganensis) kills young plants and deforms fruits, especially tomatoes, and (P. ultimum) kills seedlings of eggplant, peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers. The bio-oil also killed 100% of Colorado potato beetles, a resistant pest that can destroy potato crops. The other organisms were unaffected. [Potera C. Tobacco bio-oil kills agricultural pests. Environ Health Perspect. 2011;119(1):A18.

PAS 2:

"All the extracts of the tobacco varieties were performed well in the population reduction of white fly, jassids and aphids. Spray against white fly Gurakhu and Balkhi varieties leaf extracts was reduced maximum population. Against jassidsGurakhu and Hazaropattar varieties leaf extracts was also shown maximum reduction. The maximum reduction in the population of aphids was recorded by using Gurakhu and Balkhi varieties leaf extracts. This study proved that insect pests can be managed in field with some bio-pesticides. Even though, some tobacco varieties have shown noticeable efficacy against white fly, jassid and aphid on okra crop. Furthermore, understanding the phenomena of tobacco extracts perspective precise of controlling such harm full insect pests and taking advantage of their implementation by farmers. [Magsi, Fida & T.s, Syed & Memon, Anees& Bhutto, Zakir& Chang, Babar &Chandio, Maqsood & Soomro, Abid & Channa, Naveed. (2017). Effect of different tobacco extracts on the population buildup of sucking complex in okra crop. International Journal of Fauna and Biological Studies. 120. 120-123.]"

GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/522 - Practice ID: KNW0010000001094

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