About the Practice

To prevent the wheat crop from the pest infestation and to store the grains for longer duration, use straws of wheat (Triticuma estivum), which is mixed with the grains of wheat. By using this treatment, the wheat grains can be stored for at least one year. Use four to five straws of wheat for one granary. It is a traditional practice.

About the Innovator

Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Kanubhai Kalubhai Vattkiya
Agro-Ecological Zone: North West Zone (GJ-5) North Saurashtra (GJ-6)
Address: Mu.Po. Shirvaniya, Sayla, Surendranagar
District: Surendranagar
State: Gujarat
PIN Code 363430

Practice Details

Crop: Wheat
Crop Family: Poaceae
Crop Scientific Name: (Triticum aestivum)
Crop Vernacular Name: Gehun, Ghau
Ingredients: Straw of wheat (Triticum aestivum)

PAS 1:

"Wheat Straw or Paddy straw is used in storage of grains with woven ropes like structures known as “Kacheri"

GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/572 - Practice ID: DTP0010000003599

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