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Manual and time consuming digging of groundnut crop


This is a tractor mounted PTO powered machine with a telescopic propeller shaft suitable for tractors of 35 HP and above to dig out and uproot the groundnut. Groundnuts are uprooted from the soil with the help of the harvesting blade (V shaped) of the machine. The blade has been hardened by treating at very high temperature in oil and can work in different kinds of soil. It has an adjustable width and penetration angle can be varied. The uprooted groundnuts are conveyed from ground level to a a higher level for collection using a conveyor belt. The belt keeps vibrating as a result of which the pods get cleaned of the attached soil. Opening the collection box forms the spread bed of groundnut for drying. As the machine is heavy, wheels have been provided at the rear to reduce the load on the tractor. Though the productivity of machine depends on the type of the soil, but on an average the machine can harvest about 3 to 4 Veegha (0.4 Acre) per hour. In comparison to other alternatives, this machine not only mechanises the digging but also undertakes cleaning and drying as well. Other alternatives commonly used are single offset beam digger and the manual pulling of groundnut. In the latter, three to five persons are required for pulling out plants, which have been dug and additionally other process such as cleaning (removing soil from plants) has to be done manually. In the single offset digger, digging is done mechanically and subsequently, the pods are collected manually. This machine saves considerable labour, operating time and cost of operation compared to conventional methods. Moreover, this one machine can be used in different kinds of soil. The testing of the device was done at CAET, Junagadh Agricultural Univesity, Junagadh where the results were found to be appreciable.

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Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Sanjay Kumar Tilva
Address: Rajkot
City: Rajkot
State: Gujarat
PIN Code 360024

Email: aksharagroengineering@yahoo.in, info@aksharagro.in
Contact No: 9879011208.0
Website: https://www.aksharagro.in/

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Link: Depth control and counter disk available for proper function Working with the help of PTO shaft of tractor Also useful for dig pods based crop
Manufacturing Capacity: e) Franchising
Problem Scale: 2) Around the world
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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/182

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