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This is an electricity operated machine, which moves in a straight line cutting through compost heap, turning and mixing all material, adding moisture whenever required, and heaping it back in a line. The innovator grows the white button mushroom variety whose season is September to March. Compost making and preparation of bed and shed (using bamboo) for cultivation are started in parallel. The material to be made into compost is mixed and spread in the field in rows about 4 feet wide and 4 feet high, it is continuously mixed and moisture added so that it does not dry. Each row needs to be turned/mixed 8-9 times with a gap of two days between each turning. The whole process takes about 28 days. The compost generally gets ready by the 7thturning/ mixing. The pH and moisture content is also monitored regularly. The compost prepared needs to be moist but not sticky, just optimum. The compost making machine has two motors, 10hp for rotating the blades and 2hp which powers rear wheels. It can cover a heap of 200 ft. in length, 4 feet width and 4 feet height in 25 minutes. Only one person is required to operate it. Towards the end of the heap, the machine has to be manually turned. The innovator claims that using this machine the production of mushroom is about 5-10 % more than that through conventional manual process.

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Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Jitendra Malik
Address: Panipat
City: Panipat
State: Haryana
PIN Code 132103

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Link: It can properly turn and mix the compost ensuring that no lumps remain in it It helps in reducing the disease of Yellow mold in Mushroom It can add moisture and fungicide as well to control diseases It can be operated on all the surfaces easily - hard (pakka like cemented floor) and soft (kachcha like farmer’s field) Efficiency: Machine can heap mushroom compost of 200 ft. in length, 4 feet width and 4 feet height in 25 minutes. Using this machine, the time required for compost preparation is reduced considerably Production of mushroom is about 5-10 % more than that through the conventional manual process
Manufacturing Capacity: d) Licensing, e) Franchising
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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/189

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