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Solar multi muga reeling cum spinning machine This is a portable user friendly machine, which can simultaneously carry out the reeling as well as spinning for different varieties of silk like Mulberry, Muga, Eri and Tasar without any arduous human effort. The salient features of these machines are its compactness, easy portability and strong durability. The machine can use both solar energy and electricity. Solar energy makes it environmental friendly and appropriate for rural interiors where electricity is not available or is erratic. It performs effectively even in cloudy weather and at night through a DC battery, the use of which reduces the chances of accidents considerably. The machine can be operated twenty four hours thereby increasing productivity. Compared to the existing local or traditional methods of reeling this machine produces superior quality of threads in less time and with reduced labor. The machine is ideal for women who strive to manage household activities along with silk reeling process. The Untiring Mind Manihar is not touched by complacency and drudgery. He does not let his mind and hands rest until he has developed every part of different innovative machines to a finish to his choice. His three main innovations viz. automatic pump operator, innovative dryer and incense stick making machine have been much appreciated. His first innovation an automatic pump operator could minimize the wastage of water and human power. It facilitated a hassle-free household water management. He won a National Award in 2009 for the same at the hands of the then President Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil in National Innovation Foundation – India’s 5th National Award Function. Manihar’s wife, who was previously extremely apprehensive of his innovative bend of mind, today appreciates and supports his innovations whole heartedly. All her complaints vanished after Manihar Sharma developed an incense stick making machine which reduced her workload and made highly improved quality of incense sticks with minimal wastage of bamboo. The couple has three daughters and a son. One of his daughters is differently abled. By preparing dhoopbatti, agarbatti, doing embroidery work and tailoring, his wife is the bread earner for the family. His innovations are just an erratic source of income. Despite all difficulties, Manihar has been helping other innovators or those who need his mechanical help, without any qualms. He has aided his doctor friends by repairing their hospital equipment. He has also helped desperate individuals by making plastic spare parts which are not available in the market (such as photocopy machine gears, or wheels for gym equipment) thereby preventing their machines from becoming redundant. In his home-cum-makeshift workshop, if not engrossed in innovations, he is busy in the repairing work of local machines brought in by his neighbours, friends and relatives or fabrication of small plastic equipment. He has this exceptional inborn talent to identify the fault of the machine in just a look. This he considers a God-given gift and so he does not charge the people who come to him to get their gas stoves, radios, TV, lighter, torches, table clocks, umbrellas, etc., repaired, unless there is a component to be replaced. In a place where kinship and personal relationships count more than anything else, his absence at social functions never calls for a reprimand. Initially, his neighbors considered him mad, but soon they realized his caliber and their perceptions changed when he had many government officials visiting him and he got some grant to work on his innovations. Manihar has been single-mindedly pursuing his passion, which at many times, is quite inspiring for other people. His mind is continuously buzzing with new ideas and his eyes are always on the lookout for problems, which he can engage his mind with.

About the Innovator

Knowledge Provider / Innovator: M Manihar Sharma
Address: Imphal, Manipur
City: Imphal
State: Manipur
PIN Code 795001

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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/193

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