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Manual transplanting of paddy


The manual paddy transplanter requires two persons for its operation. One person is needed to pull the machine while another for cranking the handle in order to provide drive to seedlings’ trays and fingers, which place the seedling in the soil bed. The machine can transplant five rows while maintaining row to row spacing of about 18 cm and plant to plant spacing of about 15 cm. It has a field capacity of 0.3 acre/h. When tested at IIT Kharagpur, which NIF facilitated, it was found to consume less than one-seventh of the time required for manual plantation and double the time needed by a self propelled machine to cover the same area. The conventional way of transplanting rice seedling requires standing in water for a long time, leading to skin infections. This innovation significantly lowers the time required for transplanting rice seedlings. Since labourers need to stand in the water for a shorter time, it reduces chances of getting skin infections. Ranjit Mirig hopes that this machine will alleviate Indian farmers’ problems and bring happiness to them. He also wishes that his younger generation skips the pain and suffering that he had to go through. He wants his grandchildren to take the machine forward. And his doting grandchildren are very enthusiastic about it. All of them have contributed in their own small way to get Ranjit where he is today.\

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Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Ranjit Mirig
Address: Sambalpur
City: Sambalpur
State: Odisha
PIN Code 768004

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Manufacturing Capacity: e) Franchising
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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/219

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