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While marketing and promoting the sugarcane bud chipper, Roshanlal realized that in sugarcane farming, many drudgery related issues have remained unaddressed. He observed that farmers prefer to plant sugarcane buds directly inthe field manually, which is a cumbersome and time consuming process. Once the problem got identified, he started working on the solution. Initially he developed a manually dragged planter with one particular type of metering mechanism. He tried it in his field and when he obtained successful results, he converted the manually dragged version to a tractor mounted planter. The Sugarcane Bud Planter This is a tractor mounted sugarcane planter with a unique metering mechanism for planting sugarcane buds directly into the field. As per claims the field capacity of the machine is 0.5 acre/ hour. Using this planter the plantation cost is estimated to reduce to about Rs 800/acre from about Rs 6000/acre using labour. The plant to plant sowing distance can also be adjusted according to the requirements. It can also be used for simultaneous application of fertilizer, pesticides or herbicides in the field. For this purpose, the machine is equipped with a sprayer pump. The machine can also be used for intercropping along with sowing of sugarcane buds. Pulses, wheat, and peanuts can be planted in between two rows of sugarcane. Apart from these, the machine can also be used for planting potatoes. The machine becomes helpful for the farmers to overcome the scarcity of labourers in the peak season due to high work rate. The machine requires manpower only to fill the bud box whenever it gets empty.

About the Innovator

Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Roshanlal Vishwakarma
Address: Narsimhapur, Madhya Pradesh
City: Narsimhapur
State: Madhya Pradesh
PIN Code 487001

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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/227

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