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As per report of WHO report, 14 out of top 15 polluted cities of the world are from India. The primary sources are obviously the automobiles, factories and industries. Last year, the air pollution index of the capitalcity New Delhi of India was above 400 which is far above the normal index level of 50. Not only in our country, but throughout the whole world, the emission of harmful gases is reducing the quality of environment around us. People are falling prey to various air borne disease like asthma, bronchitis etc. if this problem persists for next few decades, than everyone living in cities especially will actually have to pay price for breathing fresh air at some place. Our motive is to get rid air pollution in order tomake our environment clean and free from all the hazardous pollutants.


Growing air pollution is one of the biggest concerns in present world. The main source is obviously the huge number of automobiles, factories and various industries as well. The Carbon dioxide, Nitrogen dioxide and Sulphur dioxide emitted from automobiles and factories are currently the primary contributors of air pollution. Our device, APC is basically meant to reduce the emission of all these harmful gases. APC (Air pollution controller) in general consists of a pipe at one end attached to water container, small motor and a cylinder of calcite acid neutralizer. The idea is to connect the exhaust pipes of automobiles with a pipe which is firstly linked with a container full of water andthen with calcite acid neutralizer. The function of calcite acid neutralizer is to neutralize any acid. Now, as the exhaust pipe of automobiles is linked with container containing water, all the gases emitted firstly have to pass through water which will make it acidic. As soon as the water is made acidic, it has to pass through calcite acid neutralizer with the help of a small motor attached there. Because of the reaction with calcite acid neutralizer chemicals, the acidic water will automatically get neutralized leaving behind the solid residue of calcium carbonate which has no harmful effects. In a similar way, the chimneys of factories and industries could also be connected with APC (Air POLLUTION CONTROLLER) to neutralize all the harmful gases and leave behind calcium carbonate only. This way ,APC can help to reduce the extent of air pollution up to a huge margin if it is made compulsory for every vehicle and factory in our nation.

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Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Moin Bashir Zargar/Mohd Sameer ul HaqMangnoo
Address: Chinar Gali, Kishtwar/Dool, Kishtwar
City: Jammu
State: Jammu & Kashmir
PIN Code 182204

Email: moinzargar2018@gmail.com/mohdsameerulhaq1357@gmail.com
Contact No: 6005812088/9622122216

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Link: Reduces the extent of air pollution from factories and vehicles. Converts all the harmfulgases into acid. Calcite acid neutraliser to neutralize acid and leave behind Calcium Carbonate as residue which is harmless
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Problem Scale: 1) INDIA: Our country is among the top most polluted countries of the world. There are so many vehicles and factories situated at various places and there's no precaution taken for their harmful gases emission which is causing people to suffer. This problem needs an immediate solution before it gets out of our limits to control it. 2) WORLD: Throughout the world there are more developing countries than the developed ones and most of them are air polluted countries. Even in the countries like USA, the CO2 gas emission from factories and industries is so much that its smoke touches the sky! The transport facilities and various industrial products have made our life easier but it's unfortunate that there's still no solution for this growing amount of poisonous gases in our atmosphere.
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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/235

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