About the Practice
Problem Statement:

In India there are around 15 million visually-challenged people. They are constantly facing drudgeries because products available in the market are not tuned to their needs. Due to absence of sensor facilities; absence of multiple functionalities in a single machines, available product in the market did not cater the needs of visually-impaired people.


Innovator came up with a product which can truly assist them in their daily chores. Precisely, neglected section can bank it on, as equal opportunity seeker tool to get them into workforce. The stick consists of audio alarm to assist visually-impaired persons. The battery-powered stick alerts the user about an obstacle more than an inch high or depression greater than a foot within a diameter of one meter from the tip. With the help of moisture and depth sensors at its tip, this lightweight, 48-inch stick alerts users if they are stepping into water or into a pit, or if any vehicle is approaching.

About the Innovator

Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Wazeer Hayath
Address: Tumkur, Karnataka
City: Tumkur
State: Karnataka
PIN Code 572101

Practice Details

Link: Low cost , easy to use and operate; Multiple features and functionality in one stick; Having an inbuilt sensor system and alert facility, this walking stick reduces the chances of accidents of the visually challenged to a considerable degree
Manufacturing Capacity: b) Design Support
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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/302

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