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washing , cleaning, and separating seed ready for the market


Babubhai Popatbhai Pansurias threshing machine has unique qualities that has made it popular: Above all it has speed. The machine is stated to wash and clean seed at the rate of 600 to 800 kilograms per hour. The thresher that is driven by an oil engine is claimed to be within the reach of the small farmer. A small farmer who possesses a small piece of land can also afford to purchase it. With the help of the thresher wheat, groundnut, millet, pulses, sunflower and soyabean are prepared for the market in a short period. This machine can also separate seeds of the corn-cob. It clears wheat, jowar, millet, groundnut and grain at the rate of 600 to 800 kilogram per hour. It separates grain accroding to their gradation, ready to use or supply to the market. The machine has been developed by Babubhai himself. Its popularity can be gauged from the fact that all the farmers in Jasdan in Rajkot use it at harvest time. This is because it is the solution for all their time-consuming problems from washing onwards at harvest time. After threshing, they can happily go to the market as well as the bank. Babubhai has 35 years experience behind the manufacture of his thresher.

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Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Babubhai popatbhai Pansauria
Address: Jasdan Geetanagar Rajkot Gujarat
City: Rajkot
State: Gujarat
PIN Code 360004

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Manufacturing Capacity: b) Design Support c) Sub-contracting e) Franchising
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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/971

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