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Problem Statement:

ploughing of hard and lumpy soil


Gagjibhai Vanabhai Sagar has forged a new farm implement which he fondly calls "kaliya" after a popular name. Now "kaliya" is a good friend of not just the farmer ploughing the field but also the pair of bullocks doing their routine work. "Kaliya" has been designed by Gagjibhai specifically aimed at not hurting the pair of bullocks in the front. Hitherto the iron ploughs were merely dangled to the harness and these could hurt the unwary animals. "Kaliya" not only protects the animals but also goes for the hardy soils that are the bane of both the farm-hands and the pair of bullocks. Another quality of "kaliaya" is it goes for hard soil and effortlessly scoops the mounds up. It also keeps the couplings secure unlike hitherto when the links with the harness used to snap in hardy soil. Hence it is very useful for deep ploughing. This is not a new implement all right but an improved version all the same. In the past, there were occasions when bullocks got hurt by the hoe while jumping about or fractured a bone/leg due to "sambhada". This improved version eliminates the problem. Gagjibhai developed the idea keeping the very hazards in view. Even so, much care has to be taken while ploughing. This implement is, however, beneficial to farmers because the bullocks are not hurt while plouging.

About the Innovator

Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Gagajibhai Vanabhai Sagar
Address: Mu. Vaghara Patadi Surendranagar Gujarat
City: Surendranagar
State: Gujarat
PIN Code 382765

Practice Details

Manufacturing Capacity: b) Design Support c) Sub-contracting e) Franchising
Problem Scale: Local problem in hilly region only

GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/977

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