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Problem Statement:

Authenticaion of documents


The Document Authentication System is related to biometric technology in general and automatic authentication of important papers / documents in particular. The present patented invention suggests a technique that is simple, easy to use, economical, clean, portable and one that gives quality fingerprint impressions. With the help of this, a person can give fingerprint impressions on any document or card as easily as making a signature with a pen but at a fraction of the effort and cost.

About the Innovator

Knowledge Provider / Innovator: T. Sony Roy
Address: Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh
City: Hyderabad
State: Andhra Pradesh
PIN Code 500030

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Manufacturing Capacity: b) Design Support c) Sub-contracting e) Franchising
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Problem Scale: Futurestic
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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1004

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