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Low cost Egg boiler


Normally, no special device is used for boiling eggs. In homes and hotels we simply boil the water and put eggs in it to boil, which increases fuel-consumption, time and labour. With the help of Pradeep Kumar Mandals innovation, eggs can be boiled in minimum time. Material Required: Thermostat or hard plastic vessel made of china clay, four carbon rods, dendrite gum and cellophane tape and plug with at least two meters of electric wire. Method of Preparation: (Adjust the vessels according to the sketch shown) Firstly from vessel 1, water is poured till it fills vessel 3, which will reach vessel 1 through vessel 2 where the eggs will be placed for boiling. For the above mentioned things, there are certain changes to be effected in the design of the vessels. First four holes are bored into the walls of vessel 3 at the same height and equidistant from each other. Carbon rods are fixed into these holes, keeping the metallic caps outside the vessel; the metallic caps are covered with dendrite gum so that there is no leakage of water. The gum is allowed to dry and is then cleaned with sand. With the help of a soldering rod, the wires are connected with - point; c and d is connected to the + point, after that + and - wires are connected to one plug and the open wires are closed with cellophane tape. Working procedure: Vessel 3 is filled with the required quantity of water. The eggs are placed in vessel 1 for boiling; the lid is closed and current supplied. It will take around 2 minutes for the water to boil and 5 minutes for the eggs to boil. Principle: vapour can boil the eggs in less time compatred to water, as vapour is hotter than water Precautions: -Cover all the uncovered things outside the vessel. -The lid has to be tight and should be made of non-conducting material. -While using this device it has to be placed on the table in order to avoid earthing. -Avoid touching the vessel when it is functioning. -Keep it away from the reach of children.

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Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Pradeep Kumar Mandal
Address: Poorniya Bihar
City: Purniya
State: Bihar
PIN Code 854301

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Manufacturing Capacity: b) Design Support c) Sub-contracting e) Franchising
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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1008

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