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land-levelling operations, deep tilling and non-jerking power trailo need


Shri. Thirumaran is 47 years old farmer living in Puliankulam village, Madurai District of Tamil Nadu. He is a post graduate and has been farming for the past 10 years. He purchased a power tiller for support in agricultural operations. Due to non-availability of labour, he used to drive the tiller himself. While using this tiller he encountered several problems. For example for taking the power tiller from one place to another, there was no provision for seating arrangements and also the power tiller could only be used for wet land ploughing and could not be used for dryland operations. He set about to solve the problems and did following innovations in the tiller: 1. Seating arrangements in the power tiller 2. Land leveller 3. Dry land plough 4. Non-jerking power trailor Seating arrangement in the power tiller: While the power tiller is taken to another field, it needs to be taken by a person who has to necessarily walk on the road. After walking a long distance, the driver tires from being unable to exert sufficient energy while ploughing. The driver will be exhausted and unable to plough maximum land area. And it also poses certain problems if the trailer has to be taken inside the field. Because of this the trailor is unprotected. For all there problems, he designed a 2-wheeler arrangement for attaching the trailer as well as a cage wheel. This 2-wheeler tiller can be driven by a seated driver. An attachment that can a carry cage wheel has also been included. So it will be possible to take both trailer and cage wheel to a distant field with seating arrangement for the driver without getting tired. The trailer is also smaller and can be carried inside the field. So this innovation can do well commercially. Land leveller: In paddy cultivation, land levelling is an important farm practice in the step before before transplanting plants. Nowadays, ploughing by the draught animals is time consuming and expensive. He found it very difficult to level the field after the ploughing was performed by animals. So he started thinking of attaching a land leveler to the power tiller to reduce the difficulty. One end of the leveller was attached to an L-shaped rod and another end to the rotar. So the farmer can stand on the leveller and levelling will be performed by the L-shaped rod. Dry land plough: The company made plough which is used for power tilling is smaller and lighter; so deep-ploughing will not be possible. So the numbers of poles in the plough was reduced from 5 to 3 and it was converted into a bose plough. This modified bose plough can reach the depth of 8”-9” (3/4 foot) easily and puddling can also done. Since he increased the height of the plough hands, he was forced to increase the height of tyre also; he thereby increased the depth of ploughing and the area covered. Non-jerking power trailor: Generally, the trailer used in the power tiller will not be attached with a spring, so it will be resulting in more jerking and tediousness to the driver. So no labour will come forward to work in this type of trailor. So he attempted to connect the axis and container of the trailor with a spring which now gives best results. * The seated power tiller was designed during 1999 and it took 6 months to complete; total expenditure has amounted to Rs.4000/- so far; he has not yet received any enquiries/orders for this implement. * Land leveller: Designed during 2001, it was completed within 2 days, Total cost Rs.400/-. He directly sold this to 2 farmers and helped in designing the model for 7 farmers of Thiruppuvanam block. * Dry land plough: During 1999, he spent Rs.6000/- and 1.5 years to design, Now it can be completed within the cost of Rs.2300/. He has received 2 orders from farmers of Thiruppuvanam block. Nobody (including his family members/friends) encouraged him in the design of implements but he received a lot of appreciation after completion in his area. He is ready to supply these models or help others to design the same at any time. He conveys his thanks to Mr. Chandran, the proprietor of Chandra Lathe Works, Chekkanoorani who helped him a lot at the time of developing his innovations.

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Knowledge Provider / Innovator: P Thirumaran
Address: Puliankulam Chekkanoorani Madurai Tamil Nadu
City: Madurai
State: Tamil Nadu
PIN Code 625514

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Manufacturing Capacity: b) Design Support c) Sub-contracting e) Franchising
Problem Scale: Grave but locally
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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1022

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