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Problem Statement:

Palmyra climbing cycle


Climbing palm tree is a strenuous and skilled work done by professional climbers who are trained from their child hood. Climbing of palms by the traditional method is very risky and dangerous. The main objective of this invention, namely power driver palm climbing cycle, is envisaged to mechanize the palm climbing operation with safety provisions and to enable any unskilled person to operate it easily for reaching the top of the palm trees. The machine has been designed and developed by Shri.Pasupathy Marthandan of Kuttam village, Tirunelveli district in Tamil Nadu. The design of the palm climbing cycle has been further improved by replacing the wire rope winding system with spring loaded rollers and fabricators model has been prepared with an electric motor. The prototype model is under fabrication. This equipment consists of a box type platform in which the Rallis RT 35 engine is mounted. The operator has to stand on the platform and hold to the handle bar fitted on a vertical frame. The drive sprocket from the engine is conncected through chain to the driven sprocket of the top roller assembly with intermediate speed reduction sprockets. The top toller assembly is mounted on tops of the vertical frame. The top roller assembly has a pair of spring loaded rollers with locking arrangement and distance adjusting arrangement. At the bottom of the vertical frame, another pair of spring loaded bottom rollers is mounted. The spring loaded top and bottom roller assemblies hold the machine tightly around the trunk of the palm tree. A is pair of wire rope winding drums is mounted on a shaft fitted on the vertical frame with a handle at one end of the shaft. The wire rope from the winding drums pass through the pulleys on top roller and is connected to the tightening brackets at the top roller assembly. The rollers are thus spring loaded by these wire rope connected springs, which are actuated by rotating the handle on the winding, drum shaft. There is a locking assembly controlled by a pedal on the platform to facilitate locking oif the machine at any desired place on the palm trunk. A brake system with a pedal on the plateform is provided to stop the machine at any height. The new model does not require wire rope winding system and hence it is much dimpler to operate. The prototype model is under fabrication.

About the Innovator

Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Pasupathi Marthandan
Address: Kuttam Tirunelveli Kattabomman Tamil Nadu
City: Tirunelveli Kattabomman
State: Tamil Nadu
PIN Code 627004

Practice Details

Manufacturing Capacity: b) Design Support c) Sub-contracting e) Franchising
Problem Scale: Mild and specefic

GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1029

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