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Low Water pressure in Bore Machine


For some time Mr. Batcha has been involved in drilling operations for the purpose of installing borewells. In some areas when the soil profile is sandy the conventional drilling machine is not efficient. He thought of using ordinary 5HP oil engine for the purpose of drilling bore hole of 2" - 4" dia. He makes a pit o f 2-21/2 depth in the place where a bore well has to be drilled. He fills the fit with 150 - 200 lit of water. He uses 5 HP oil Engine to suck the water thro footvalve.. He takes the water to a delivery hose of 2.5" hose . He is gradually reducing the diameter of hose into a 1" hose. Now water is forced to enter a reduced diameter.At the tip of the hose he inserts a chisel made of iron with 2 - 4" width. Water is directed along the surface or sides of chisel. The chisel will help easy penetration while the forced water will enhance the penetration work and makes the operation smooth. In this method at periodical interval the hose or pipe has to be lifted or rotated manually by hand. The water which has been forcefully poured outside is collected and recycled again and again for the purpose of drilling the bore hole. In this method soil profile having sandy or loomy profile even smooth or less handy or loose rocks will not pose problem for drilling. However hard granite rocks will not fit for drilling in this method. On the other hand whenever the land is having sandy profile this type of drilling is very easy, cheaper and efficient. By using 5HP oil engine a depth of 100 - 150 bore hole can easily be drilled.If it is beyond 150 feet depth then some altenations in the oil engine should be made which include increasing the length of Impler. By seeing this method three farmers have adopted this model by designing oil engine based drill machine.Mr. Batcha has helped more than 10 farmers for using this type of bore hole drilling in their lands. For designing this model it costs Rs.9000 - 10,000. It involves purchasing a 5HP Oil engine and fittling cuplings, Reducers, Adaipars etc. He is willing to help other mechanics to design such drilling equipment.

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Knowledge Provider / Innovator: Sikkanthar Bacha K.
Address: Koomapatti Srivilliputhur Virudunagar Tamil Nadu
City: Virudhunagar
State: Tamil Nadu
PIN Code 626123

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Manufacturing Capacity: b) Design Support c) Sub-contracting e) Franchising
Problem Scale: Grave india
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GIAN Reference: GIAN/UAL/1051

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